Hi I'm Brett
A fintech executive

Designer, developer, perpetual tinkerer, avid reader, coffee addict, husband, father of two, and CEO at Zapper.



It’s easy to make payments hard, but hard to make payments easy. Many payment systems consist of complicated interfaces, with superfluous steps and tiered navigation structures that create confusion and friction, introducing mistakes, and resulting in drop-off and lost business. My experience in design, knowledge of technology, intuition for customer experience, and passion for simplicity have proven pivotal in my ability to guide the design and development of highly effective payment solutions.

I am fortunate to have worked with and learned from many smart and talented people over my 15 years in the software development industry. I have an entrepreneurial background as an award-winning freelance web design and development consultant, and have over seven years' experience in senior management and executive-level positions, with a proven track record in leadership, creative innovation, and business acumen.

I currently serve as CEO at Zapper, an established fintech company founded in 2013 with a diverse team of over 60 people, offering omnichannel QR code and URL-based mobile payments and rewards for any business, through a suite of B2B, B2C, and PaaS products.

Personal Accolades

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  • Fintech Summit 2021

    10 MARCH 2021

  • Africa Tech Week 2021

    27 NOVEMBER 2020

  • Insaka Ecommerce Summit 2020

    26 MAY 2020

  • #ImStaying

    20 APRIL 2020

  • The Delta Studio

    21 JANUARY 2020